The Pathways-as-a-Service™ Platform.

What is Pathways-as-a-Service™?

Your Platform, Your Providers, Your Pathways, Your Patients.

Health care providers use our “pathway builder” to easily create and configure their personalized care programs and deliver them virtually to their patients.
Health care providers (i.e., physicians, physician assistants, nurses, care managers, care coordinators, etc.) use our platform to:

  • Guide patient empowerment for people with COPD, diabetes and CHF, scaling reimbursement for chronic care management (CCM).
  • Coordinate and automate the pre-operative process for surgical procedures (e.g., orthopedics, spine, cardiac, bariatrics, etc.), reducing and recapturing revenue from surgery cancellations.
  • Follow-up with patients in the post-operative phase, eliminating uneventful / non-reimbursable follow-ups visits and more effectively managing costs in bundled payment models.
  • Layer peer-coach oversight onto existing care management teams, helping care teams manage a greater number of patients and preventing readmissions.

Financially, health care providers’ pathways automatically support the documentation required to scale CCM (e.g., CPT 99490) reimbursement, reduce readmissions, prevent admissions, manage bundle payments more effectively, and improve patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS, CGCAHPS).

Pathways-as-a-Service™ Platform Features

  • Clinical Data Elements with Pre-Loaded Extensive Library
  • Extensible Data Creator
  • Video Recorders with Countdown Timers
  • Interactive Video Recorders with Mirroring
  • Video Players with Consumption Tracking
  • Quantitative Video Analysis
  • Configurable Gamification Scoring
  • Journaling Interfaces
  • Outcomes and Trend Reporting
  • Individual and Aggregate Results Dashboards
  • Pathway Care Plan Documentation for EMR (HL7, CCD, etc.)
  • Coordinator Console with Secure Messaging
  • Device Integration and Management
  • EMR/EHR Integration and Interfaces
  • Embeddable Application Portal Booster
  • Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick Interfaces

How Providers Drive Results Today with ViiMed®

Surgery practices reduce surgery cancellations.

Surgery practices reduce non-reimbursable and uneventful follow-up visits. 

Care teams lower readmissions and improve patient satisfaction.

Care teams scale chronic care management reimbursement.