Scale your reach and bridge the gaps in care using workflow-driven virtual care.

One Platform, Infinite Uses

Configure workflows for any use case. Here are some examples of virtual care workflows...

Surgical Procedures

Surgical Procedures Pre- and post-operative education, check-ins, assessments

Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care Self-care, prevention, and remote monitoring for patients with diabetes

Cardiovascular Care

Cardiovascular Care Education and remote monitoring for patients with cardiovascular diseases

Mental Health

Mental Health Assessing, educating, and interacting with patients with mental health issues

Certification and Training

Certification and Training On-going testing, certifications, and training programs for provider teams

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Remote physical therapy education programs and interactive follow-up

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care Progressive education and follow-up throughout pregnancy

Care Management

Care Management Supplement existing care management programs

Home Care

Home Care Supplement existing home care programs

Video Visits

Video Visits Live and recorded video visits


Intake Simple to complex integrated intake

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Monitor vitals and other metrics remotely


Configurable Platform for Virtual Care

We bring configurable workflow, content, integration, and other interactive features together, enabling health care organizations to configure and rapidly deploy workflows for virtual health.

Step 1 - Content Setup
Turn your content into engaging, digital, and interactive activities for your patients and providers, use preset templates authored by leaders in health care, and reference third-party content management systems.

Step 2 - Workflow Configuration
Configure conditional and data-driven workflows that deliver your activities to the right person (patient or provider) at the right time. Setup activity results to automatically go to your EMR as either discrete data or flat files.

Step 3 - Pathway Distribution
Distribute your workflows throughout your organization, at scale, and enable your providers to manage, monitor, and engage the right patients at the right time.


Core Platform Features


Create content components and combine them to design activities. Component examples: clinical assessments, media-rich education, provider documentation, questionnaires, recorded and live video visits, connected device entries, and more.


Set new activities, send notifications (email / sms text), change patient statuses and priorities, add patient labels, send resulted data to third-party applications (EMR, Care Management Systems, CRMs), and more.

Dynamic Media

Set your workflow's media to dynamically change based on patient's care team member or organization relationship,  enabling you to scale and personalize your workflows

Connected Devices

Use connected devices for remote health monitoring use-cases, e.g., direct bluetooth integration with FDA approved devices and integration with industry standard device aggregators and direct APIs (FitBit, Nutrionix, etc.) 


Configure your activities into workflows, using simple to complex conditional logic to fire the next set of questions, activities, and/or actions. Save your workflows and trigger them manually or via third-party apps, e.g., EMRs and Care Management Systems.

Recorded Video

Use asynchronous video communication and remove scheduling issues via personalized recorded video interactions between users. Useful for assessments / feedback and personalized secure video messaging.


Configure one or more formulas for assessments and configure mappings to t-score values. Send results to EMR(s) and dynamic report summaries.

Third-Party App Integration

Use the platform's API layer to build your own front-end experience. This level of access is a service and requires permission from the company. Also request the company to integrate other 3rd party apps.

Branching Logic

Configure basic conditional statements, advanced conditional groupings, and data references and progress your users through their assigned, repeating, or ad-hoc activities.

Live Video

Use workflows to trigger video visits and route patients to the right provider at the right time. The platform currently uses Vidyo as an integrated service, but can integrate with any synchronous video visit vendor. 

Dynamic Reports

Configure patient-specific summaries that display results based on conditional logic, enabling you to display the relevant data from workflows and/or other apps.  

Automated Change Mgmt.

Deploy your workflows seamlessly throughout your organization, and allow the platform to take care of versioning and prompts to know when and where changes need to be approved prior to promotion.


Branch workflows using conditional actions. Set one or more tracks that can have multiple actions. Set tracks to coordinate the right provider at the right time with the right method of interaction.

EMR Integration

Integrate EMR(s) with easy-to-use interfaces. The platform integrates with industry adopted interface engines, subscribes to EMR API services, and supports its own set of API(s) with certain EMRs.

Resource Groups

Assign activities dynamically within workflows using relationship-based references, i.e., let the workflow take care of provider-side activity assignment 

Commercial Distribution

Join healthcare leaders that are commercializing their workflows to other organizations (e.g., payors, employers, health systems, and internationally). 


About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as the backbone virtual care delivery platform for healthcare organizations so that they can easily innovate and bring to life their virtual care solutions to help patients and providers across the world.

Our History


In 2007, while coaching for Johns Hopkins University Baseball, the founders had the idea to have athletes record and upload videos to an online service where they would provide video analysis instruction (asynchronous video instruction). Virtual instructors provided feedback to the athlete, family, and coaches. It was an instant hit in the area. They reviewed thousands of videos in its first year, and grew its user base significantly with the addition of other virtual coaches.


What happened next started our journey to healthcare...


With the buzz around the unique method of online sports training, the founders were approached by some large organizations in sports to use our virtual interactive instruction platform for their training businesses. It was at this point that the business pivoted from a training services company to a software-as-a-service in 2009.


As subscribers grew, the business started getting noticed from professional sports organizations and gain significant interest from sports medicine providers, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, fitness and wellness professionals, and others in the healthcare community. It was at this point that the founders like to say, "healthcare found us." They began to see that the platform could be utilized not just to help athletes, but to help all people with their health and well-being. In 2013, ViiMed was born.

Today, version 4 of the platform serves several prestigious commercial and federal clients. These organizations have authored, deployed, and commercialized their virtual care workflows for chronic disease management and prevention, pre- and post-surgery, employer-based wellness, and tele-visit programs, and other use cases. The company has also secured a patent for its asynchronous video approach. ViiMed is headquartered in Washington DC and has a west coast presence in San Diego.

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Leadership Team

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Phil Newman

Founder, CEO, and Chief Product Officer

In addition to his CEO duties, Phil is responsible for product vision, direction, roadmap, design, and abstracting market use-cases into configurable virtual care toolsets. Phil authored and secured a patent for our asynchronous video communication in healthcare. He designed ViiMed's Federal and Commercial strategies, laying the groundwork to become the platform for health care organizations to build an ecosystem of virtual care solutions. Phil has a B.A. in International Business Management from Dickinson College, and he lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two children.

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Paul Winterling

Co-Founder, Chief Success Officer

Paul is focused on driving value, innovation, and success for ViiMed’s commercial and federal clients. With his vast understanding of the platform, Paul solutions enterprise deployments across large health systems and government agencies. Serving as the bridge between our clients and the product team, Paul’s goal is to enable our clients to easily configure workflows that allow them to scale care delivery and save lives. Paul has a B.A. in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, and began his career in healthcare 14 years ago as a researcher in a Hopkins Neurology Lab.

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Shelley Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Shelley manages operations for ViiMed, and works with key partnerships to ensure they are operationalized to meet their goals with the ViiMed Platform. Shelley has over 40 years of executive healthcare experience and is highly respected and networked in healthcare. Amongst many executive roles across his career, Shelley was the CEO of Misys / AllScripts. His experience has helped the entire team stay focused on delivering a world-class virtual health platform.

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Brion Bennett

Chief Growth Officer

As ViiMed's Chief Growth Officer, Brion is responsible for overall profitability and growth. This includes all sales and business development efforts, partnerships, marketing strategy, and collaboration with the CEO to ensure we deliver on our sales and marketing promises to ViiMed's customers and valued partners. Brion is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and came to ViiiMed after 11 years at Siemens Healthcare.

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Matt Humphrey

Chief Technology Officer

Matt brings more than 15 years of experience leading technology innovation in Health Information Technology (HIT). With a deep background in electronic health record architecture and integration, Matt drives all things technical for ViiMed, including DevOps and HIT security. Matt’s primary space has been in federal consulting, especially within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, where he has focused on successfully navigating his clients through innovation-driven change management.


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