Our Mission

To empower our customers to constantly be reimagining how care can be delivered and accessed using leading-edge concepts and technologies made available within our no-code platform.

Our leadership team will always put our customer first...

Phil Newman

Chief Executive Officer

In addition to being the CEO of ViiMed, Phil is responsible for ViiMed's product vision. He has led the industry by creating a healthcare centric no-code platform since the company's inception over a decade ago. He designed ViiMed's product, public sector, and commercial strategies, becoming the first no-code platform for health care organizations to build a marketplace of virtual care solutions. Phil authored and secured a patent for asynchronous video communication in healthcare. Currently, Phil is working with industry strategic partners and designing what the next five years look like for ViiMed.

Matt Humphrey

Chief Information Officer


As CIO, Matt relies on more than 17 years of experience in Health Information Technology to deliver on ViiMed’s vision and strategy. With a deep background in the federal healthcare space, as well as electronic health record architecture and integration, Matt ensures ViiMed's innovative technological solutions drive customer success. In addition to his technical focus, Matt also oversees operations for the ViiMed team, with emphasis on data security. 


Brion Bennett

Chief Growth Officer


As Chief Growth Officer, Brion is responsible for overall profitability and growth of ViiMed. This encompasses all business development efforts and partnerships, as well as collaboration with the leadership team to ensure we deliver results to our customers and valued partners alike. Brion applies his Navy and decade-long experience in healthcare to sharpen ViiMed’s long term strategy, and cultivate an environment of collaboration and teamwork. 


Mark Kellogg

Vice President of Engineering


As VP of Engineering, Mark's main goals are to shield, guide, and empower the engineering department to make innovative designs while working with maximum efficiency. Throughout his career he has driven powerful design applications, including an immersive student driven economy,  and a theory based math item generator. Mark's passion for complex problems led him to ViiMed where he has spearheaded the design and implementation of ViiMed's newest features, including the Edge solution. 

Paul Winterling

Chief Success Officer


As Chief Success Officer, Paul is dedicated to driving value, innovation, and success for ViiMed's Commercial and Public Sector customers. With his deep knowledge of the platform as Co-Founder, Paul runs a team that serves as a bridge in communication between the content team and our customers, enabling them to rapidly configure workflows that allow them to scale care delivery and save more lives. 

Shelley Newman

Chief Financial Officer


Shelley manages finances and contracts for ViiMed. Shelley has over forty years of executive healthcare experience, and is highly respected and networked in the healthcare space. Among his many roles across his career, Shelley was former CEO of Misys/AllScripts. His expertise has helped the entire team stay focused on delivering a world class virtual care platform.