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Our Mission

ViiMed® is committed to extending enterprise care delivery solutions to the edge with its no-code platform so that access to care never stops.

Our Story

ViiMed® was established in 2011 with a primary focus on providing asynchronous virtual care to patients and their care teams. This innovative approach necessitated the development of configurable workflows within the virtual care setting. Consequently, the team created healthcare's first "no-code" platform, even though the concept of "no-code" was not known, particularly in healthcare, at that time. The team collaborated with prominent customers who served as co-development partners, enhancing and refining the platform's toolsets. 

The ViiMed team continuously iterated and improved the platform, creating configurable workflows for provider care teams and patients. After deploying four versions of the platform to tens of thousands of providers and hundreds of thousands of patients, ViiMed identified a significant gap in health systems' care delivery operations – delivering care both in a disconnected and connected state.


In 2019, ViiMed embarked on version 5 of its no-code workflow platform for healthcare to enable care delivery at scale in a connected and disconnected state.

Over the last year, the ViiMed team has grown to over 47 healthcare innovators. We believe in creating a team of gritty self-starters and challengers that rally around our Mission. We have an in-house product, engineering, devops, quality assurance, and clinical teams. We work remotely and efficiently. 


We expect to continue to grow our team in 2024, so please contact us if you wish to be part of growing the next generation of care delivery. We are always looking for great talent, so now is the time.

Experience, Focus, and Autonomy - All Fundamental to Our Culture  

Meet the Team

We focus on building a great team of collaborative self-starters...

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