The Personalized Care Coaching and Coordination Platform


How it works

Our platform enables health systems and large providers groups to easily automate personalized care coaching programs. These programs are used with patients when they leave the office or hospital. More specifically, health care providers enroll patients that require frequent oversight, remote monitoring, coordination, and engagement.

Capture Information and Engage

Personalized care coaching programs can include any number of fully customizable activities for patients to complete, for example:

  • Personalized Education: Pre-recorded videos from the patient’s actual care team that provide guidance and education;
  • Surveys: Surveys that monitor patient-reported outcomes, complications, and satisfaction measures;
  • Remote Monitoring: Integrated bluetooth devices collect vitals and activity measurement;
  • Asynchronous Telehealth: Interactive recorded-video sessions by the patient that are sent to the patient’s care team for review;
  • Synchronous Telehealth: Live video sessions with patients and providers, and even group sessions

Gain Insight, Monitor, and Update

Information captured from patients is prioritized and risk stratified for care team members on a centralized coordination and engagement dashboard. This dashboard enables care teams to review, assess, and act upon:

  • Vitals and Outcomes: Patient-reported or device-generated measurements that are out-of-range (e.g., vitals, pain scores, outcomes surveys, etc.);
  • Recorded Media: Patient-recorded videos or pictures for analysis (e.g., wound pictures, range-of-motion videos, foot exam videos, rehab compliance videos, etc.);
  • Non-Compliance: Patients that are not complying with their care programs

Additionally, care team members can automatically update EMR progress notes directly from the our dashboard rather than having to deal with duplicate entry.

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