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With ViiMed being an approved Cisco Webex App Hub Partner, it is collaborating with Cisco to wrap clinical workflows around Webex for telehealth use-cases.


ViiMed’s fit-for-purpose no-code healthcare delivery platform modernizes care delivery by harmonizing data collection across disparate sources, automating clinical and operational workflows, and enabling documentation in connected and disconnected states. By automating workflows and providing precise, actionable data with tailored clinical decision support, ViiMed’s platform enables providers to practice evidence-based medicine, spend more time caring for patients, and create better outcomes.

Complete with Webex integration, the platform is available on any device or in any environment. Facilitating and documenting personalized, evidenced-based care in an in person, virtual, or hybrid encounter offers unprecedented clinical & business resiliency that transforms care delivery in a sustainable and scalable way.

To use the ViiMed platform, you just need an active WebEx account and active license agreement with ViiMed. Contact us to request a demo, license the product, or request more information on our pricing.

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