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ViiMed is a web-based platform that combines workflow management and asynchronous video-based communication together to deploy a system-wide and integrated solution for patient engagement, care coordination and telehealth delivery for health systems and ACOs. 

With ViiMed, healthcare organizations can:

  • See more patients within existing time constraints
  • Keep everyone visually accountable
  • Triage those in need more effectively
  • Automate the delivery of care programs 
  • Stay engaged with patients outside the office
  • Connect care teams from anywhere, at anytime 

And, the financial benefits? 

  • Cost reduction
  • Penalty avoidance
  • New and recaptured revenue opportunity

Our Process and Clinical Suites

We collaborate with your team to solve your pressing issues...

Our ViiMed Solution Team works with your health system or Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to identify areas where our Platform helps solve your pressing issues.

Using our backend workflow management and video-enabled asynchronous communication system, we tailor our Platform to your providers' or system's standardized protocols and communication methodologies. 

Additionally, we supply productized (pre-configured) versions of ViiMed, called “Clinical Suites,” under our Population Health and Surgical Care Solutions. Some of these Clinical Suites have been developed in conjunction with world leaders in healthcare.

And, of course, we can integrate ViiMed into EHR’s and other 3rd party software and wifi devices, as well as host 3rd party applications on our HIPAA compliant, private cloud architecture. 

Our health system and ACO clients view our private label platform as their easy-to-use, total solution for care coordination, patient engagement and telehealth. 


  • There are a lot of great companies that give you the road map for effective population health management. What we offer is the vehicle to get you there. Our solutions scale the number of patients providers can reach, while powering the patient and their care providers to engage and collaborate across the care continuum to form a comprehensive, anywhere-anytime care team.

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  • Health Systems utilize our Pre-Op / Post-Op Care Solution to improve patient and provider satisfaction and optimize time and financial outcomes for everyone.

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We enjoy the discussion time we spend with prospective ViiMed clients, so please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

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