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Rapidly Create Your Digital Health Solutions

Create interactive experiences between patients and providers. ViiMed allows you to build workflows that automate and coordinate interactions between patients and their care teams. Our workflow engine combines assessment, patient-reported outcome and complication surveys with personalized recorded video and remote monitoring capabilities. The relevant data gathered from these highly personalized experiences is interfaced with the EMR.

Dynamically Create Engaging and Easy-to-Use Patient Interfaces

By listening and learning from our clients, partners and users, we have developed proven techniques and interfaces to engage patients—driving adoption in the digital health space. These interfaces are specifically designed to engage patient populations across many use-cases, making it possible for organizations to adopt the ViiMed Platform at an enterprise level.

Engage the Right Patients at the Right Time

In a virtual setting (i.e., gap-in-care), care teams are empowered to prioritize, assess, coordinate, and engage patients at scale. We also streamline documentation workflow and save time.

Our provider tools:
• Prioritize patients based on customizable rules and criteria
• Coordinate relevant patient data to the right care team member(s) at the right time
• Assess the patient’s situation with simple interfaces
• Personalize engagement between care team members and patients in an asynchronous setting (i.e., not in real-time)
• Document relevant interactions to the EMR as progress note updates
• Record structured documents used for reimbursement

Infrastructure for Commercialization

We continually create new distribution channels to benefit our commercial partners. It’s one thing to create a product, it’s another to launch and commercialize it into the healthcare marketplace. ViiMed comes built to coordinate lead generation, prospect promotion, sales tracking, contracts, implementation, integration, scalability, and security all on one platform.

  • Tech Partners (EHRs, RCM, etc.)
  • Direct to IDNs & Hospitals
  • Employers & Health Plans
  • Federal
  • Consultant Networks

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